Pool Coping

Using pool coping ensures you can prevent water damage to other areas of your garden and make a statement in style.

Choosing the right coping for your swimming pool

When you’re choosing coping to protect your swimming pool shell wall, there are numerous factors to consider with includes equal parts functionality and aesthetics. For instance, are you installing a fibreglasss shell for your pool? What’s your budget? What is the shape of the pool? Will children and elderly be accessing the pool? Luckily, at Armstone we stock a wide range of pool coping tiles, so we have something for everyone, no matter your garden design or budget.

Here are the most important factors to consider.

Which pool coping profile will be safe and suit your pool?

Pool coping tiles are cut in a variety of profiles. Choosing the right profile for your pool is very important. Not only does it have to suit the shape of the pool, it also needs to be safe. At Armstone, we stock the following pool coping profiles:

  • Drop edge coping – this is a full slab of stone with no joint that drops into the pool. It gives your pool a thick, bold frame and a super-modern look and is suitable for regular, rectangular pool shapes. While drop edge coping can be used on kidney-shaped pools, it’s not recommended as it’s very difficult (and expensive) to cut.
  • Pencil Edge/Round Pool Coping – as it sounds, this pool coping has a 3-5mm rounded top and bottom, giving it a smooth finish and giving your pool a classy and modern appearance. The smooth edge makes it safe and particularly suitable for L-shaped pools.
  • Bullnose edge coping – this coping has a thick, semi-circular finish which makes it perfect for curved or kidney shaped pools. With a more traditional look, it suits character styled home and has a high safety rating.
  • Mitred edge coping – this is when two pieces of stone are cut in 2 opposite 45 angles and joined with a colour match epoxy glue. Once adhered, the joints get pencil rounded and the bottom of the vertical piece gets pencil rounded as well. This type of coping is not suitable for fibreglass pool shells.
  • Rumbled edge coping – this is a rough-cut coping with a rugged edge. We do not recommend using rumbled edge coping unless you are looking to create a very specific textured aesthetic and have a tight budget.

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Are you installing a fibreglass pool?

Fibreglass pools are an investment, and it’s important to choose the right coping so that they stand the test of time. Below we outline the suitable and non-suitable pool coping profiles.

Suitable for a Fibreglass Pool:

  1. Full Piece Natural Stone Drop Edge Coping – a minimum thickness of 30mm
  2. Pencil Edge Natural Stone coping– a minimum thickness of 30mm
  3. Pencil Round Structural Porcelain Coping – not less than 20mm thick
  4. Bullnose Natural Stone Coping – a minimum thickness of 30mm
  5. Bullnose Porcelain Coping – not less than 20mm thick

Not Suitable for a Fibreglass Pool:

  1. Any Mitred Stone Drop Edge Coping
  2. Any Mitred Porcelain Drop Edge Coping
  3. Natural Stones less than 30mm thick
  4. Structural Porcelain Pavers less than 20mm thick

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What does the rest of your outdoor landscape look like?

Choosing pool coping that will blend seamlessly with the pool, patio and the rest of your backyard and garden is an important consideration. If you have a modern backyard design, Mediterranean style pool coping might not suit the aesthetic. On the other hand, it may look great for a traditional or character styled home. Remember to consider the colour palette as well as the general style of your chosen outdoor elements.

Who will be using your pool?

As we previously mentioned, choosing pool coping that is heat, slip and salt-resistant is important from a functionality perspective. It’s also important for safety. Why? Well, if you will have family and friends using the pool, you want to ensure that their feet don’t burn, they don’t slip and that have an enjoyable time around the pool. Additionally, consider how much time you have in your lifestyle to maintain the pool coping and surrounds. Some natural stone pool coping requires regular sealing, while porcelain pool coping is much easier to maintain. Consider all your options before making the investment.

Choose Armstone for all of your coping tile needs

At Armstone we’re on a mission to create a difference by helping you build a beautiful home with exquisite outdoors that bring you joy and match your lifestyle needs.

We do this by:

  • Manufacturing and distributing ethical pool coping pavers.
  • Providing cost-effective solutions to problems.
  • Working with you to deliver a fully bespoke experience.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality natural stone pool coping and porcelain pool coping from all around the world and answering your questions with the highest and most up-to-date industry know-how.

Browse our range of pool coping tiles online or see them in person by visiting our New South Wales showroom in Glebe, Sydney. Alternatively, reach us by email or call our team of experts at 1300 560 560. We’d love to help answer all your pool coping queries and needs.


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