Stone Pavers

In Australia, natural stone is used primarily for prestige paving. The design of most outdoor pavers is based on the desired appearance of the stone, its texture, colour, variation, and the size of the paving units.

Granite, bluestone, and quartz are stronger stone types, and these are commonly used for high traffic areas while sandstone, travertine, and limestone are popular for paving around the home. Natural stone pavers are also available with non-slip surfaces, some suitable for use around salt water pools.

Armstone is Sydney’s leading supplier of travertine, granite, marble, limestone, bluestone, sandstone, and other quality natural stones. So if you’re considering pavers to add natural appeal to your outdoor areas, we can help you find the perfect look in stone.

All about Armstone

At Armstone, we provide nothing but the best. Our range of stone tiles, pavers, cladding, cobblestones, capping, pool tiles, coping, and treads are sourced from the world’s best producers, and our extensive range of sealers and cleaners come from Aqua Mix, the largest distributor of stone care products.

The natural textures, timeless beauty, and subtle colours of stone can add a magic touch to any indoor or outdoor project, and at Armstone we work with you to bring out your chosen stone’s best features in line with your personal specifications, budget, and deadline.

Whether it’s lining a garden path or driveway, creating backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, framing a swimming pool, or facing a garden wall, Armstone has the stone you need to turn your residential or commercial project into something truly special. If you like the idea of stone, you’ll love the idea of Armstone, so get in touch with us today to discuss your project needs.